Lunker's Guide announces the launch of completely redesigned website.  


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27/10/2017 9:05 pm  


Northwest salmon and steelhead fishing info giant "The Lunker's Guide" announces the launch of a brand new website. 

The Lunker's Guide is a Washington based company that has been providing fishing information for the pacific northwest since 2014. The primary services they provide are fishing reports, fishing maps, and salmon and steelhead run time table charts

The Lunker's Guide is also one of the only companies in the industry that offers their members text message fishing alerts that provide vital fishing information like alerts about season openers, emergency closures and hot spot notifications, letting anglers know when and where the fish are running. 

The Lunker’s Guide website has over 1000 pages of fishing content with over 5 million visits to the site from fishing enthusiasts around the globe.


In an interview with Northwest Fishing News, owner and founder of the Lunker's Guide John Snyder explains why they redesigned the website.   

"As an authority in the industry it was time to give the site a face lift and significantly update the user interface. We are proud of the new site and believe our members will enjoy the changes. " 

"The key elements of the new design is first and foremost mobile usability. We have significantly improved mobile access to the site across both IOS and Driod devices. "

 "Other upgrades are the page load speed times and overall ease of navigation from page to page. We look forward to hearing from site users to find out what they do and don't like as we strive to make the site even better."  Said Snyder.   


Check out their new website today and if you like it, become a Lunker's Guide member!



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