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John W. J. Snyder
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02/12/2016 11:21 pm  

Thank you for taking the time to review our expectations in regards to posting in the Fishaholics NW forums.

This is a Northwest fishing forum and thus the discussions should be on the topic of fishing in the region.

In regards to etiquette, we understand that conversations can get heated. The use of profanity in our forum is considered inappropriate behavior. This is a family oriented forum and if you can't abide by the rule you will be banned.

It's our desire to provide a safe place for all people interested in the art of fishing to communicate with one another in a cordial and friendly manner.

Abusive communications will result in removal from our forums.

Advertising is not allowed in the forums. If you wish to advertise please do so in our directory.

 This forum is for fellow anglers as well as those who wish to learn about fishing. We encourage you all to share fishing stories, experience, photo's of a recent catch and partake in the overall comradery generally found when associating with fellow anglers. 


These are the basic rules of the road from time to time we may amend them but for now we hope you enjoy our forums. 

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