Fly Fishing Basics

With a plethora of affordable tackle and a wealth of information available at your fingertips, there has never been a better time to start fly fishing than now.

The question that most people generally ask is “How do you start fly fishing?” Well, today we are going to answer that question.

While there are many connotations accredited to fly fishing, the reality is none of them are true. You may think that fly fishing is exclusively for the posh when it is something that can be for everybody.

Out of all types of angling, the equipment is possibly the most simple and the art of the catch, well, that comes with practice.

Why Fly Fishing?

There are so many reasons to fly fish, but the main reason is the sheer amount of enjoyment it brings with it. While fly fishing is relaxing, you shouldn’t mistake it for boring, in fact, it’s far from.

Whether you are washing the fish rise and tease or seeing them take your dry fly, the feeling you get when you’ve got a fish on can deliver immense thrills. Fly fishing will also grant you an incredible level of escapism, and the amount you learn about rivers and nature is unbelievable.

Is It Easy To Learn?

While many people fear the worst when it comes to fly fishing, the basics can be learned in just a few hours. There seems to be a huge misconception that to catch anything you need to be an expert; this is certainly not the case.

There are plenty of YouTube tutorials that can take you through the basics, but if you have the opportunity, finding yourself, a coach is a great idea. A lot of the time, you can also find fishing events; these events are fantastic for picking up tips and tricks. If you are lucky, you may even be able to pick up some cheap gear.

There are a handful of companies that will provide great tutorials and gear that goes with it such as Drifthook Fly Fishing.  Drifthook Fly Fishing builds professionally curated fly fishing kits to for everyone from the beginner to the seasoned angler.  In addition, they give full instruction on each fly kit and how to use it.  This way you’re not left in the dark when you go out fly fishing for the first time.

What Gear Do I Need?

While fly fishing can look a little daunting, we have tried to simplify things by including a list of essentials for fly fishing.

  • Fly rod – you should do some research to see which rod suits your needs. There are hundreds on the market with all types of actions to them.  I would recommend starting out with a moderate action as this will give the beginner fly fisherman enough room to play and it will help compensate for inconsistent casting when you first start out.
  • Reel – be mindful to select a model that matches your rod’s rating.
  • Fly line – start with a weight forward floating line to match the rod’s rating.
  • Landing net – look for a handle and net combo.
  • Leaders – A leader is the thinner line between the fly line and the fly.
  • Flies – start with a simple selection.
  • Fly vest – hold everything you need in one place.
  • Forceps – you want a good quality pair to unhook the fish.
  • Floatant and Sinkant – great to treat your leader
  • Trout priest – a trout priest helps you humanely dispatch your fish.

Tips For Beginners

Now you have your gear in hand; you are ready to cast. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Go slow and be open to advice: It is crucial to enjoy the experience and not to rush. It is always a great idea to seek advice wherever possible.

Start simple: It’s important to remember to use shorter and more precise casts when you are just beginning. Cast a comfortable distance and if you find it tough, shorten it up.

Learn to be quiet: One of the most important aspects of fly fishing is the ability to be quiet. The more still and stealthy you are, the more comfortable the fish will be.

Get curious: The most beautiful thing about fly fishing is the amount of knowledge you can gain. It’s a great idea to spend time talking to fellow anglers and also watching the patterns of the waters and the fish.

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