Sport clam season extended on Point Whitney Tidelands


WDFW Fishing Rule Change 


Action:  The sport clam season will be extended on this public beach based on results from population, harvest and effort assessments.

Effective dates:  Immediately through April 30, 2018.

Species affected: All clams.

Location: Point Whitney Tidelands, located in Jefferson County on the west side of Hood Canal near Brinnon.

Reason for action:  Surveys at Point Whitney Tidelands indicate that the clam population has increased, allowing for a longer season. The clam season at Point Whitney Tidelands runs concurrently with the clam season at Point Whitney Lagoon (Jan. 1 through April 30).

Information Contact:  Camille Speck, WDFW Port Townsend Office, (360) 302-3030 ext. 313.




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