Anchorage area fishing reports


This Report Provided by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game


Week of September 6 to September 13

General Area Description: All waters draining into the east side of Knik arm south of, and including, the Eklutna River drainage, and all waters draining into the north and west sides of Turnagain Arm, and all waters draining into the south side of Turnagain Arm east of, and including, Ingram Creek.

Regulation Reminders

  • All waters in the Anchorage Bowl are closed to king salmon fishing.
  • Campbell Creek is open to coho (silver) fishing July 14–September 30 from the ADF&G markers under Dimond Blvd. bridge to ADF&G markers near Shelikof Street. In addition, coho fishing is open from ADF&G markers on the upstream side of the Lake Otis bridge to an ADF&G marker located near Piper Street. See the regulation book for a detailed map. The limit for coho salmon is 3 per day, 3 in possession.
  • Campbell Creek upstream of the forks near Piper Street open to fishing non-salmon species. Only one unbaited, single-hook, artificial lure is allowed. No retention of rainbow trout or steelhead is allowed. Check the regulations for specific regulations on fishing non-salmon species throughout the drainage.
  • Chester Creek (entire drainage) is closed to year round to all salmon fishing.
  • Bird Creek opened to fishing July 14–December 31 for salmon EXCEPT king salmon. The limit is 3 salmon per day/3 in possession for fish 16 inches or longer. Check the regulation book for additional restrictions.

For additional information about regulations in the Anchorage Bowl look in the 2016 Southcentral Alaska Sport Fishing Regulation Summary.

Sport fishing licenses and king stamps are available for purchase online at the ADF&G Online Store. Personal Use Dipnetting and PWS Shrimp Permits can be obtained online as well.

Stream Fishing

  • The rain has let up and water levels are dropping. Clarity has improved in most streams.
  • Salmon:
  • Ship Creek:
  • Ship Creek is currently closed to king salmon fishing. No retention of king salmon is allowed in Ship Creek.
  • Ship Creek is open to fishing for coho salmon 24 hours a day from the mouth up to the cable crossing roughly 100 feet below the Chugach Power Plant dam.
  • Coho have been entering the creek with each tide but fishing has been very slow. Anglers are having to work hard to catch even just one fish.
  • Campbell Creek:
  • Sections of Campbell Creek opened to coho salmon fishing on July 14. Check the regulation book as there are restrictions and the entire creek is NOT open to coho fishing.
  • Fishing for coho salmon on Campbell Creek continues to be spotty. The rain brought some fresh fish in but in small numbers.
  • Bird Creek:
  • Bird Creek opened to coho salmon fishing as of July 14 from its mouth upstream approximately 500 yards to an ADF&G marker.
  • Coho are being caught each tide on Bird Creek but in low numbers. Coho have been caught on the incoming tide while soaking roe or casting Vibraxes. Chums and pinks are also being caught.
  • Turnagain Arm Streams:
  • Coho are being caught in streams along the Turnagain Arm but fishing is slow in these waters.


  • Trout fishing is open in sections of Campbell, Chester, and Ship creeks. Only one unbaited, single-hook, artificial lure is allowed. Campbell Creek was just stocked with more catchable rainbow trout this week so fishing should be great! Check the regulations to make sure you are fishing in the open areas!
  • Trout fishing has been good on Chester and Campbell creeks. On Campbell Creek try fishing egg patterns behind spawning salmon.

Lake Fishing:

  • Cheney, Clunie, Jewell, and Mirror lakes are all being stocked this week with more catchable trout! Try fishing black leeches or bead-head nymphs. Bait under a bobber or float should been a good option too.


Symphony Lake:

  • Symphony Lake is open for grayling fishing. Do not forget to take a measuring tape with you since only one fish may be greater than 12 inches in length. The daily and possession limit is 5 grayling of those only one can be greater than 12 inches.
  • Anglers are doing well on both flies (e.g. Parachute Adams and nymphs) and spinners (e.g. Roostertails and Mepps).
  • Early morning and later afternoon before or after the mid-day breeze are great times to target grayling at Symphony Lake.

Northern Pike

  • There are very few opportunities for Northern Pike in Anchorage as they are not native to the region. ADF&G has taken steps to keep pike out of Anchorage lakes.
  • Lower Fire Lake is the closest place to find Northern Pike in the Anchorage Area.
  • Pike are fun to fly fish for using frog, mouse and duckling patterns.
  • Casting or trolling spinners and small plugs are successful techniques for catching pike on Lower Fire Lake.
  • Very late in the evening can be a good time to target these predatory fish.
  • Please respect private property and quiet hours around Lower Fire Lake. Using a boat will increase your success rate substantially



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