Bass Fishing from a Fishing Boat

Bass fishing can be a blast, but these fish can be hard to catch. One of the best ways to catch bass is to find secluded areas. Secluded areas along the riverbank are often the place to find big bass, but you will need a boat to get there. That’s why many fishermen use bass fishing boats to find the biggest fish in the river. In this article, we will discuss the best types of fishing rods to use from a fishing boat and the best lures to use for catching bass.


Where to Find Bass


Bass like to dig pools along the shoreline of riverbanks. The reason these fish like to stay along the riverbank is for protection and warmth. The water is normally shallower along the bank, which allows the sun to shine through. As the sun shines through the shallow water it warms it up. Another reason that bass often nests near the bank is for protection and safety. Not only does the bank offer protection from incoming predators, the bank often has branches or bushes hanging over the side to hide the fish. Lastly, food is more accessible along the bank. Bugs such as crickets and worms often fall into the water along the riverbank where bass can quickly catch and eat them.


What type of Rod and Reel to use for Bass Fishing


The best type of bass fishing rod and reel to use for bass fishing is a baitcasting rod. A baitcaster rod will allow the fisherman to cast more accurately. As the fisherman throws the cast, the baitcasting reel allows you to stop the line as soon as the bait gets to the perfect spot. Although this type of rod and reel is great for fishing because of its controllability, baitcasting rods are difficult to use and learn. If you do not have experience using a baitcasting rod, it can be difficult to learn how to cast. The line can easily become tangled when casting.


Best Fishing Lures for Bass Fishing


The best type of fishing lure for bass fishing is a plastic worm for bass fishing. Worms are a bass’ favorite meal because it has lots of protein and nutrition. A plastic worm lure is also great for bass fishing because it is easy to use. The worm will attach to the hook and will float in the water just like a real live worm. You can even jig this worm to make it look to the bass as though the worm is thrashing and moving underwater.

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