The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Fishing Beads by Stone Cold Beads

In an age when mass produced fishing lures have become nothing less than blasé, we have found the one true hided gem of the industry. However, for the sake of knowledge, let us provide a little background history.

For generation anglers have come to know the power for fishing beads. Without a doubt fishing beads is among one of the most effective methods of fishing artificial baits ever, period. Why? It’s fairly simple actually, you see beads imitate a natural salmon egg. Salmon roe is one of the primary food sources of several species of fresh water fish thus extremely effective when used as bait. Unfortunately natural bait can be very messy and in many river systems and waterway natural bait is illegal.  Hence the growth in the popularity in fishing artificial lures like beads.

The Science of Fishing Beads

Over time anglers have developed the science for fishing beads. This science relies heavily on the life cycle of salmonids as well as other species of freshwater fish, primarily during the spawning phase. The key is the lifecycle of a salmon egg. During the phase of the spawn salmon egg go through significant changes varying from coloration to the point in which the egg hatches.

Match the Hatch

Savvy anglers try to match the hatch in so to speak by matching the color of beads to the color of salmon eggs during the various phases of the spawn. For example during the beginning of the spawn salmon eggs are translucent and vibrant in color. Over time the eggs lose their translucence and fade in color. Eventually they become mottled or cloudy until the eyed egg phase where the baby avelin starts to form and feed on the egg sack.

Steelhead caught with SCB Candy Corn Roe

Evolution of Fishing Beads

Traditionally bead manufactures make their products based on the science of bead fishing as well developing their colorations to match the hatch. This has primarily been achieved through the manufacture of plastic fishing beads. However, one company is breaking the mold and have come up with an eco-friendly alternative with a bit of an archaic twist. The company is called Stone Cold Beads and they manufacture fishing beads made from natural stone. As you can imagine there several natural gemstones that provide brilliant colorations that not only humans but attractive but you guessed it, fish as well.

SCB Orange Crusher Roe is hard to beat.

Best Fishing Beads

Stone Cold Beads produces their natural stone fishing beads in a variety of colors that not only match the hatch but are UV enhances and no more harmful to the environment that say grabbing a rock and throwing it in the water. The natural stone beads also have an advantage over plastic beads in that they are heavy. Due to their density and weight Stone Cold Beads get down into the water column faster and more effective that plastics and even better they are just as if not more effective at attracting fish to strike.

Stone Cold Beads “Orange Crusher Roe”

Eco-Friendly Fishing Beads

Founded in 2018 SCB has proven the effectiveness of their products and the most amazing part of it all is nobody else thought of it. Eco—friendly natural stone fishing beads are an environmental enthusiast’s wet dream. Best of both the worlds a powerful effective fishing lure that doesn’t harm the environment like plastic, lead, or other pollutants.

Salmon, trout and steelhead all love Stone Cold Beads

 If you haven’t tried fishing Stone Cold Beads. We are Fishaholics Northwest highly recommend it. SCB’s natural stone fishing beads are among the best in the sport fishing industry and anglers are coming to know the power of throwing stone when targeting salmon, trout and steelhead.

If you have any questions about their product you can contact then the owner here.

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