WDFW makes changes to Tucannon River steelhead and other gamefish fisheries

Actions and locations:

Tucannon River, downstream of the Tucannon Hatchery Bridge

  • Extend the fishery for gamefish, including steelhead, through April 15. The fishery previously was scheduled to close Feb. 28.
  • Increase the daily limit on hatchery steelhead to three (from two) fish.
  • Mandatory hatchery steelhead retention is required.
  • Barbless hooks are required while fishing for steelhead and gamefish.
  • Release all other species.

Tucannon River, from the Tucannon Hatchery Bridge upstream

  • Is closed to fishing.

DatesFeb. 1 through April 15, 2018.

Species affected: Hatchery steelhead (with clipped adipose fin) and all other gamefish.

Reason for action: Lagging steelhead returns during the summer of 2017 led fishery managers to close or reduce bag limits for steelhead fisheries in most of the Columbia River and its tributaries. Increases in the abundance of migrating steelhead over Bonneville Dam and the Snake River Dams allowed for some increases in harvest opportunities during the Fall 2017 and Winter 2018 in the Snake River and select tributaries to the Snake River. Fishery managers now feel it is appropriate to increase limits within tributaries to remove excess hatchery steelhead.

Other Information: Anglers must stop fishing for steelhead for the day once they have retained three hatchery steelhead. Hatchery fish, marked with a clipped adipose fin, must have a healed scar at the location of the missing fin.

All wild steelhead, those with unclipped adipose fins, must be immediately released unharmed.

In addition, anglers cannot remove any steelhead from the water unless they plan to retain the fish as part of the daily bag limit.

Anglers are reminded to refer to the 2017/2018 Fishing in Washington sport fishing rules pamphlet for other regulations, including possession limits, safety closures, etc.

Information contact: Jeremy Trump, District 3 Fish Biologist, (509) 382-1005


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