Why Getting Lost Is A Good Thing When You Travel


You may think I’m crazy, but I am a firm believer that getting lost (to an extent) is a good thing! Of course, if you don’t feel safe, or can’t get help, it is scary and definitely NOT a good thing. But if you are lost wandering in a safe area for an hour or two, it can be one of the best parts of your trips! Especially in foreign cities, the streets can be difficult to navigate. But if you don’t have a plane to catch or somewhere you need to be, don’t be afraid to just wander.

Let your feet just guide you where they want to go. Don’t overthink it. I’ve found some of the best restaurants, cafes, and shops by wandering. Leave the guide book at home and do some good old fashioned exploring! When you leave the beaten track and the streets that are swarming with tourists, you can discover the real city, not just the same streets that everyone has read about in books. Find that run down shop that makes the best cappuccino in town, go where you see the locals going, and just have a good explore! I often find that I feel more immersed in the local flavors and culture when I’m not surrounded by a bunch of other tourists trying to “experience” whatever city or country I’m in.

So go on, get out their and get lost! Don’t immediately pull out google maps on your phone if you don’t recognize the streets around you, wander through those winding back streets. Of course be aware of your surroundings and safety, but just let go a little! Remember that all too used quote, “not all who wander are lost”. Just because you may feel “lost” doesn’t mean that you are, so wander, explore, experience, and LIVE!

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