Steelhead beads made of soft plastic, just how effective are they?

Only the most diehard anglers dare the brutally cold winter weather to go after the infamous winter steelhead. These fish tend to be much larger than their summer run counter parts but many anglers just can’t cut it once the snow flies. Understandably these guys are looking for the most effective steelhead beads they can find in hopes of catching the big one. Today soft beads have become the latest steelhead fishing tackle craze in the Pacific Northwest and it’s catching on for a good reason. Traditionally over the years when it came to the bead fishing game, it was all about the hard beads. Hard plastics, glass beads, painted lead beads and even natural stone fishing beads. All of which have proven effective in their own rights.

A nice chrome coho caught with a “Pinko” Monster Chomps soft bead.

So what’s the deal with these soft, rubbery, fish gummies often called steelhead beads? What makes them better than the rest? As a long time bead fisher who has caught allot of fish over the years using hard beads, I of course was skeptical about soft fishing beads. However after a few trips on the water I’ve started catching on.

Steelhead Caught with a Bloody Disco ball Monster Chomps soft beads

I’m not sure if it’s that the soft plastics hold scent better or if it’s the fact that soft beads are more malleable and have a more natural salmon egg consistency that steelhead tend to hold onto the bait longer. What is undeniable is that soft beads work. With scent, without sent, under a bobber or drifting off the bottom steelhead beads just plain work.

King salmon caught on a Horker “Orange Soda” Monster Chomps soft bead.

However as of late there’s a new comer on the scene and their looking to overtake the bead fishing industry. The company is called Horker Soft Baits and their line of Moster Chomps soft beads are fast becoming a Pacific Northwest sensation. With several fish catching colorations Horker is living up to it’s name with salmon, trout, and steelhead literally trying to hork their baits down.

A successful day on the water with Horker Monster chomps

They offer their beads in several fish attracting flavors like shrimp, anise, and garlic or plain for fisheries that don’t allow scented baits. Try Horker Moster Chomps soft beads today and see for yourself. You can order their products at

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